Homes for women / Toits pour elles

Across Canada, women struggle without a crucial necessity of life: A safe home. Homes for Women works to prevent, reduce and ultimately end women’s homelessness.

In large cities, 25-30% of people living on the streets and in homeless shelters are women, and most homeless women aren’t included in these counts. They’re couch-surfing with friends, trading sex for a place to sleep, living in unsafe homes and situations or in a shelter for abused women. Homeless women and girls are often caught in a web of abuse, trauma, poverty, mental health and criminalization, without access to a safe home they can afford. That’s why Homes for Women supports National Elizabeth Fry Society Week and Mental Health Week.

I’ve pledged to support Homes for Women. As your constituent, I’m asking you to take the pledge at Let’s work together to end women’s homelessness in our community.

YWCA Canada
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